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Leadership in Organizations - Essay Example

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The essay "Leadership in Organizations" states that leadership managers are sometimes required to make decisions without consulting others in the organization. Autocratic leaders are known for their overall control in the decision-making process where they require a little input from the other…
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Leadership in Organizations
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Extract of sample "Leadership in Organizations"

She practiced the autocratic leadership style and became unpopular among her employees. Being the president of the hotel chain, Helmsley was highly demanding of her employees and made all decisions of the company (Iqbal, 2011). Her leadership style was dictatorial and did not incorporate other people’s ideas or wishes. This style is unpopular because it does not engage the feelings or decisions of other stakeholders. I do not advocate the autocratic style of leadership because leadership should be engaging and should not be authoritative (Sapru, 2011).
Considering the leadership style applied by the HR manager and the marketing director in our company, one should emulate their leadership styles as they focus on team building and integrated leadership especially the HR manager. The marketing manager is good at delegating to other various tasks thus motivating them to taking up responsibilities (Williams, 2011).
In conclusion, autocratic leadership is based on a decision-making process that does not involve others’ ideas, wishes or expectations. It is unpopular to those who are being led. Leadership should be engaging and should involve all the stakeholders especially in decision making. Read More
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(Leadership in Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 346 Words)
Leadership in Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 346 Words.
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