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However, these power have either been used positively or negatively.
This type of control occurs when the person in authority threatens his…
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Power within organization
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Download file to see previous pages Referent power originates from being trusted and/or respected. One gains this power when employees in the organization trust what they do and respect them for how they handle various situations. For instance, a manager who uses his power positively to ensure policies are in place for ensuring employees is fairly treated.
Sin, this form of power subordinate, comply since one is in authority, for instance, the boss. This power exists when employees recognize the authority of their leader. For instance, the executive manager who determines budgetary needs of the company. His positive or negative consideration boost his legitimacy
Many junior workers are motivated by rewards and incentives to be submissive to the superior. This inner motivation is a positive example of reward power. Other examples would include salary increment, job promotion, etc. The role of reward power is to trigger that human feature that appreciates recognition for high achievement.
Expert power originates from an individual’s experiences, knowledge, and skills. Whenever an individual gains experience they become thought leaders in those fields and gather expert power enough to get others to help them meet their goals. For instance, the senior engineer who is an expert designing various unique applicants can positively use his or her power to get ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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