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Leadership in Organisations - Essay Example

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During the last semester, my friends and I got together and formed a study group with the objective of helping each other in our studies and in improving our grades. We were all very excited about the idea as we recognized the fact that we could really use the extra help. To…
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Leadership in Organisations
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Extract of sample "Leadership in Organisations"

Download file to see previous pages To this end, I can try to ensure that all the group members actively participate, and benefit from the study group sessions. The rest of the group members were soon assigned their responsibilities and we set up a study date.
Initially I had thought that leading a study group would be easy as we were all friends, took similar classes and lived in the same neighborhood. When I showed up for the meeting, I was dismayed to discover that although I was nearly 15 minutes late, I was actually the only one present. I determined that I would good-naturedly wait for the other group members. After an hour, only two other people out of 8 group members had shown up for the study group meeting. I resolved to start off the meeting as we were already running late. The meeting failed to proceed as I had initially planned as we ended up taking too much time debating on what to study. In the end it was eventually decided that we would study a bit of what each of us suggested. Due to our lack of preparation, the meeting ended nearly 30 minutes early although it had started nearly an hour late.
While going home that evening, I felt dejected as I had previously had high hopes for the success of the meeting. However, I resolved that I would try to ensure that the next meeting would be better attended and would run more smoothly. Several days to the next scheduled meeting, I called up all the group members and individually informed them of what topic we would be covering during the next study group meeting. I then undertook to follow this up by sending them emails to encourage them to attended the next meeting and read up on its topic.
On the material day, I called up all the members in the morning and they all confirmed their attendance. Most of the study group members were able to show up early, we were able to have a sufficient quorum to allow us to start the meeting promptly. After the study group meeting, all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership in Organisations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“Leadership in Organisations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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