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What constitutes a prudent strategic planning process(In public service) - Essay Example

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This might stem from the fact that the public sector has been hit by a spate of underperformance coupled with misuse of funds. It has been found that engaging in strategic planning…
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What constitutes a prudent strategic planning process(In public service)
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Extract of sample "What constitutes a prudent strategic planning process(In public service)"

Strategic planning Introduction In recent times, there has been an increase in use of strategic planning by the public sector.This might stem from the fact that the public sector has been hit by a spate of underperformance coupled with misuse of funds. It has been found that engaging in strategic planning process appreciably impedes the prevalence of such vices. The question now becomes what constitutes a prudent strategic planning process? With the aid of five literal sources, this paper will endeavor to explicate on this issue. There are five key vital elements that a strategic planning process must encompass.
Literature review
In the process of establishing a strategy, the first measure has to be establishing a foundation for the process. This entails planning how to instigate the process of strategy making. This ascertains that no hitches are experienced in the planning process. According to Norman Flynn, this procedure is known as planning how to plan (Norman 184). This procedure further ensures that guidelines for the process are clearly articulated beforehand.
The goal for setting out strategies entails achieving the mission and vision of the respective public organ. As such, it is imperative that these be spelled out clearly in the strategic planning process. This is hinged on the fact that, this ensures that the strategies are formulated in line with the respective vision and mission of the public organ. This assertion is further cited by other researchers (Bryson 266). When this is not adhered to, the public organ runs the risk of formulating redundant strategies thus impeding its overall benefit to the public.
Often, there are intrinsic factors that prevent a firm from total effectiveness in its mandated task. It is only in the event where such factors, if indeed they exist, are addressed will the organization realize its mission and vision. As such, an important element in a strategic management process identification of these factors. These intrinsic factors fashion a core rationale behind the failure of public endeavors (Steiner, 325).
A variety of different strategies are normally proposed during the strategic planning process. However, it takes significant deliberation to arrive at the most beneficial avenue. The team tasked with this mandate has to weight the impact of all the proposed strategies and recommend the most appropriate one. The team must seek to answer preset questions on the best avenue to employ (Sukumar 134). The best strategy should be the one that positively answers these preset questions. At its climax, the planning process must encompass a step by step articulation for implementation of the strategy. This also encompasses definition of the required work products, components of the process and formulation of a system for feedback and overall evaluation (Wart 239).
The cited literal works endeavor to cement the logic behind the elements of a strategic planning process. Unlike the private sector, it is imperative for the public sector to adhere to pre-established accountability tools. This is sourced from the fact that the public sector has the welfare and the well being of the society at its chief concern. As such, in the formulation of a strategy aimed to raise the welfare of the society, these outlined elements must be observed. The cited sources further assert the logic behind these elements.
Planning how to plan ensures that the planning process is flawless. Furthermore, restating of the organization mission and vision assures the team that it is acting within the confines of fashioned by the mission and vision. The effectiveness of the planning process is impeded by intrinsic factors within the respective organizations.
It is only when such factors are ironed out will effectiveness of the planning process be realistic. Since, the planning process has to deal with numerous proposed strategies, it is imperative that each strategy is taken through a vetting process. A number of strategies fail due to poor implementation procedures. The rationale for this is that the implementation procedure had not been established prior to the actual implementation.
The public sector has been described as one of the most under performing sectors tasked with human welfare. This might be sourced from the absence of a well articulated accountability mechanism that has been established. As such, the public sector must engage in prudent strategic planning processes. The undertaken research outlines the elements that must characterize this panning process. However, further research needs to e undertaken if complete objectivity is to be realized.
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