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HPV in adolescens, a health project - Research Paper Example

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HPV among Adolescents Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Submission Date HPV among Adolescents The Higher Calling Nursing Organization Nursing is the practice of autonomously and collaboratively offering care to individuals; from all groups, families, ages, communities, the sick or even the healthy and in all settings…
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HPV in adolescens, a health project
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Download file to see previous pages As a clinician, one is tasked with general advocacy and involvement in educating the public on health practices, from parents down to the children. This requires thorough campaigns in schools, communities and general public learning institutes. Issues of adolescent patients’ sexuality, risk behaviors, and other psychosocial risk factors should be a priority within the working procedures of all physicians. Adolescence is one of the most vulnerable life passages for the acquisition of human papillomavirus (HPV) (Anonymous, 2010, p19-20). Nurses and other health practitioners have a unique role to play in the fight against HPV amongst adolescents. This is effective by early health screening, effective communication and good care to the adolescent patients (Nancho, n.d, p30). The process is long and involves participation of many stakeholders and hence necessitates good organization and management of the whole process. Therefore, this process requires competitive and skilled leadership from the responsible health care managers (Cherie and Gebrekidan, 2005, p4-5). From an early age in my upbringing, I knew very well what I wanted do when I grow up. I loved helping patients and attending to the less fortunate in the society with medical attention. However, amongst the many health practitioners categories, nursing interested me most. ...
Amongst the participants present in the meeting were other invited global players whose role was monitoring the programs and evaluating the progress of the professional group. The health organization is a national, not-for-profit, independent, voluntary association. It represents public health in the country and is globally linked to the international public health community. The organization believes in universal, equitable and accessible basic life conditions, which necessitate the acquisition of health services to all in the country. The organization’s mission is to constitute a nationwide resource that has the main role as to advocate for the improvement and maintenance of health among individual citizens and the community at large as according to the public policy. The meeting was organized and convened by the interim chair of the organization and the board and directors to deliberate on the mechanisms and ways to address the rampant cases of spread of HPV amongst adolescents in the country and the globe at large. The main agenda was the role of nursing profession in the treatment and control of the condition in the overall health practitioners’ fraternity. The meeting resolved unanimously that the youthful stage of adolescence is the main target in the fight against Human papilla virus, which easily transcends through risky sexual behaviors amongst adolescents. The nursing fraternity proposed effective mechanisms to be employed to ensure effective and successful fight against the threat posed by the viral condition. However, one of the greatest challenges outlined was the leadership program that would facilitate the success of the campaign. The leadership skills important in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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