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Going International: Taking a Local Business Overseas (Harrods) Executive Summary This report is a comprehensive investigation into the processes and strategic potentials for the international expansion of Harrod’s department stores into Dubai. Within this context of investigation, Harrod’s company background has been examined as it provides insight into long-term organizational viability…
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Going INTERNATIONAL: taking a local business overseas
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Download file to see previous pages Porter’s five-force model is supplied in examining this competitive environment. Management and company considerations are also advanced, with the recognition that a polymorphic approach be established. Additionally, human resource planning is considered, with the recognition that the Dubai operation must remain highly cognizant of cultural differences between the two regions. Finally, general strategic considerations are examined in relation to the differentiating features of the United Kingdom and Dubai stores. Introduction The nature of globalization has increasingly created a world environment where international business expansion is not only possible, but also required for continued organizational success and prosperity. Within this spectrum of recognition, this report considers the need and viability of Harrods department store to expand into the Dubai market. While Harrods department store has been in operation since the early 19th century, the current economic climate presents an opportunity to expand into this Middle Eastern region. Among the considerations in these regards is the understanding that the robust retail environment poses a strong area where Harrod’s can expand their sales operation. ...
Finally, and perhaps the most important recognition, is the understanding that the Western economic system is in a state of widespread recession. Expanding into the Dubai region then presents a strong means of risk diversification. Company Background Harrods is a department store that was originally formed in 1834 (‘History of Harrods,’ 2012). The company was founded by Henry Edward Harrod in the United Kingdom (‘History of Harrods,’ 2012). The company was originally formed as a grocery store chain. Throughout much of the 19th century the company stayed within this mode of operations. As Henry Harrod gradually ceded organization control to his son Charles Digby Harrod, the organization experienced a significant strategic shift. Charles Harrod began incorporating more retail products into the company specifically selling medicines, perfumes, stationery, fruit, and vegetables. Beginning with this change in 1880, the organization experienced rapid expansion. In 1883 a fire constituted a major setback for the company, yet the organization persevered and was able to reconstitute itself and make its Christmas deliveries (‘History of Harrods,’ 2012). Since this tumultuous early period the organization has experienced tremendous growth and prosperity. In 1895 the company became the first store in England to implement an escalator (‘History of Harrods,’ 2012). This recognition is symbolic of the organization’s growth throughout the 20th century as it followed a generally upward and progressive trend. In 1914 the company opened its first and currently only foreign branch in Buenos Aires, Argentina (‘History of Harrods,’ 2012). In 1919 the company would purchase Manchester department store, Kendals, and expand further (‘History of Harrods,’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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