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Procrastination (Time Management) Personal Analysis - Essay Example

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This leads to individuals performing less important tasks at the expense of the important ones (Wiegartz & Gyoerkoe 2010, p.102). Among the reasons for procrastinating is fear of…
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Procrastination (Time Management) Personal Analysis
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Extract of sample "Procrastination (Time Management) Personal Analysis"

Procrastination (Time Management)-Personal Analysis Procrastination refers to the tendency of putting off duties with a view of doing them later. This leads to individuals performing less important tasks at the expense of the important ones (Wiegartz & Gyoerkoe 2010, p.102). Among the reasons for procrastinating is fear of performing tasks in the wrong way. As a result, some people feel that it is better not to try out something than to try, and fail. Lack of interest as well as a culture of rebellion can also drive someone to procrastinate. Among the common things that people tend to procrastinate on are cleaning, exercising, keeping up with their studies, investing as well as organizing and making home repairs (Steel 2011, p.79).
Personally, my forms of procrastination are leaving my studies until the last minute as well as checking my mails and not replying them straight away. Having identified my forms of procrastination, I am planning to classify my objectives into smaller divisions that will be easier to do to stop procrastinating (Perry 2012, p.45). For instance, instead of waiting for the weekend to do a three hours studying, I am planning to take twenty minutes each day to go through my studies. This will ensure that I develop a culture of studying by doing so more regularly.
Additionally, I am planning to get into the mindset that every task I do has a value (Arenson 2009, p.342) and this will help me not to feel that I am wasting my time when I reply to a single mail. I also plan to define my boundaries and allocate time to work, play and rest while ensuring that none of the three consumes time meant for the other (Andreou & White 2010, p.134).
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