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These changes are seen everywhere in the organization and this is the reason why I am applying for postgraduate course in Human Resource Management. I am…
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Human Resource Management & Organisational analysis MSc
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PERSONAL MENT al Affiliation) The business world is changing and calls for people to change their ways of working to cope with the global economy. These changes are seen everywhere in the organization and this is the reason why I am applying for postgraduate course in Human Resource Management. I am interested in this course because I want to advance my knowledge and the career in the field of Human Resources and organizational.
I am highly skilled and organized. In addition, I am a critical thinker and learn very fast. I believe that an MSc in Human Relations and organizational analysis will help become a professional in the field as well as get a good job in the long term. My goal is to practice the best Human Resource in the organizations I will work for.
I am a graduate from Hult International Business School in London where I studied Bachelor of International Business Administration and specialized in Management. I have worked in the bank of Respublika as an accounting specialist and I enjoyed my role as I got to interact with customers and making transactions for them. I have also worked for Look magazine in the UK and I was glad to share ideas on how to redo their Website and journal to make accessibility for customers easy as well as sharing ideas on how to increase profits.
I trust that my decision to purse the course in King’s College is one of best decisions I have made in my life. This is because of professional lecturers, state of art equipments, the conducive learning environment, and the good reputation of the institution. I am confident that as I undertake the course in King’s College, I will accomplish my goals and I will be in a better position to face the Human Resource practices in any organization. I intend to work hard and in the end achieve the best results and be marketable internationally. Read More
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