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People Management - Essay Example

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This essay compares and contrasts the differences between the Contract of Employment and the Psychological Contract. Also, this paper explains the factors that influence the transfer of HR practices across a multinational company and describes four stages of systematic training model…
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People Management
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "People Management" compares and contrasts the differences between the Contract of Employment and the Psychological Contract. Also, this paper explains the factors that influence the transfer of HR practices across a multinational company and describes four stages of systematic training model.
It is evident that the two categories of employment are both considered forms of relationships established between an employer and an employee. Being contracts, they have a limited specified time. There is no aspect of security as the contract can be terminated any time with as less as one day’s notice- demonstrating its lack of security and sustainability. Some have a specific task being undertaken and when accomplished, the employment sizes until further notice. Being recalled back to work is not a guarantee as the employer may recruit a different set of employees depending on previous performance and the relationship established. Consequently, psychological contract can be defined as a mutual relationship existing between an employer and their employees and is based on informal agreement between the two concerned parties. Contract employment, on the other hand, is considered as employment with clear terms and conditions that dictate the nature of the position offered including roles and responsibilities as well as salary paid. The psychological contract is established via informal arrangements and the conditions of work are determined on mutual grounds-between the employer and employee. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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