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Individual report 1 - Essay Example

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This paper also looked at the technologies that are used in decision making process, in particular the Decision Support System (DSS). The report provided a brief idea about how DSS has been…
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Individual report 1
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Extract of sample "Individual report 1"

Report al Affiliation) Question one This paper was discussing about the decision making process at Emirates Airline. This paper also looked at the technologies that are used in decision making process, in particular the Decision Support System (DSS). The report provided a brief idea about how DSS has been implemented within the Emirates Airline Company. Furthermore, a prototype of DSS such as dashboard was demonstrated in the report. During the process of writing the paper, I worked on the business value of decisions which looked at the impact of decisions in an organization, be it good or bad decisions. I also looked at the systems for supporting decision making, and in particular, I looked the DSS system and how it is used in the company.
This information was retrieved from prior reviewed books and from the internet. The main challenge faced throughout the research period is getting time to go through the books in order to get the information. With the tight schedule at the University, it was somewhat challenging to go through all the available books that are related to this study. This would have further improved on the report. Another challenge that I faced when writing the report is; not knowing where to begin from. This is because, there is a lot of information on the topic and picking out the most crucial and relevant information was giving me some challenges. It was crucial that I do not lose focus in the specific area of attention in order to make sure that the whole report has a clear flow of ideas so that the readers do not get confused.
In future I plan to reduce and even overcome these challenges by taking a number of steps. To begin with, proper planning will be crucial in the success of any future project. This is by allocating a time in a day to complete a section at a time. This will help me be able to balance all my class assignments. The second step of overcoming the challenges is to read and understand the requirements of an assignment. This will make sure that when I gather information, I do so with an aim of getting certain information. This will save on time and will reduce the risk of getting confused. This is because, instead of gathering a pool of general information about a topic, I will be able to only gather information that is relevant to the question asked under a topic. Finally, time management will be crucial; this is by starting on an assignment immediately other than assuming that there is plenty of time to do it. This will help me deal with any unexpected issue that may arise while working on a paper.
Question two
a) What did you learn from the course?
This course helped me learn on the importance of decision making process and how this is related to the performance of an organization. This is where good decision permits a business of company to move forward to the next step while bad decisions force a company to stop and adjust the tasks. It can also result in loss in terms of money, time and opportunity among others (Janakiraman, 1999).
b) Was this course beneficial to you? Why or why not?
This course has been very beneficial to me because I have learnt aspects in business that will be applicable in future and in a work environment. This course has also improved my business skill which will help me succeed in the very competitive business world.
c) What are the things that you think you can apply that you learned in the course? Provide example if possible
There are a number of things covered in this course which I can apply in future. I can be able to apply the decision making model in any situation. This will help in determining the effects of a decision made.
d) Any other thoughts that you would like share?
I wish to thank my lecturer Mr XXX for his support and guidance during this semester.
Janakiraman, V. S., & Sarukesi, K. (1999). Decision support systems. New Delhi: Prentice-Hall of India. Read More
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Individual Report 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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