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Transformational Leadership in Organizations - Essay Example

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The aim of the essay “Transformational Leadership in Organizations” is to examine transformational leadership, which is the one that promotes and supports leadership and this in turn enables the organization for long term survival…
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Transformational Leadership in Organizations
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Extract of sample "Transformational Leadership in Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages The term ‘leadership’ can be defined in various ways it can be stated as a mechanism through which all the team members are guided to achieve a common goal or a tool that enables all the members of an organization to work together and is supported by the leader as and when required. There are various forms of leadership and the appropriate leadership style that is adopted by an organization depends on a particular situation and nature of the team members. Transformational leadership is a form of leadership that facilitates job performance, morale and motivation of all the team members. This form of leadership enhances the followers to include their identity to the project and inspires more of collectivism in the organization so that every member feels being valued for their contribution towards the organization. Transformational leader becomes a role model for all the followers that makes them interested and also inspires them to work towards the common objectives of the organization. The leader adopting this kind of leadership style imposes challenges on the followers so that they can take more of ownership towards the job they perform, analyzes well the weaknesses and strengths of the team members and aligns the tasks to be executed by the followers in such a way that it enhances the overall work performance of the team members.
Organizational leaders are the ones that shape and define work and contribute towards innovative practices in the organization. Individual leadership is one of the most important determinants of organizational innovation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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