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Employability and Personal Skills Required for a Job - Essay Example

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This essay "Employability and Personal Skills Required for a Job" discusses the employability, personal and communication skills while also focusing on the role of the job description and person specification when applying for a job. CV and application forms are discussed from different perspectives…
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Employability and Personal Skills Required for a Job
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Extract of sample "Employability and Personal Skills Required for a Job"

Download file to see previous pages Personal skills can be understood as part of the employability skills. For instance, the most required personal skills are flexibility and adaptability which means that employees are able to generate new ideas while also showing openness to different concepts presented to them. Moreover, people who have the ability to work independently are preferred most. An individual’s professionalism increases when he/she is able to act positively while maintaining all the required codes of ethics. Energy and positive attitude further help in achieving difficult tasks. However, it should also be reflected in one’s personality, outlook, manners, etc.
Communication skills have very high significance when it comes to employability because an employee who does not have good verbal and written communication skills then he cannot work efficiently. These include the ability to maintain eye contact and clear pronunciation of words. Following are the most important communication skills:
Open-mindedness: Newly hired employees must have open-mindedness towards their co-workers, managers, and subordinates. This will help them in generating positive emotions while respecting one another to a greater extent.
It is usually helpful in outlining the skills, education, and training required to perform by a job candidate. It helps employers to distinguish individuals on the basis of their application forms whereas employees also evaluate different work opportunities through the job description. It consists of the following sub-sections:
Attributes and requirements: In order to fulfill the organizational requirements employers outline certain attributes which they want to see in potential candidates. For instance, if the job requires machinery work then the specific machines to be used by the employee should be mentioned here. It also includes details about the work environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay NO. U2 P2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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