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Conflict Coaching Training for Nurse Managers - Essay Example

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The essay "Conflict Coaching Training for Nurse Managers" states that Conflict is the disagreement among two or more individuals as a result of the difference in values, feeling. In an organization such as a hospital, conflict can hardly be avoided considering the variation in levels of education. …
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Conflict Coaching Training for Nurse Managers
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Extract of sample "Conflict Coaching Training for Nurse Managers"

Gender based conflict negatively impacts the effectiveness and provision of services in a health care setting in two main ways. First, conflict among employees may result in emotional intelligence imbalance that in turn affects doctors’ judgment on the treatment. This is where the discriminated gender loses control of his or her emotions, lacks self-awareness and ends up being demoralized (Brinkert, 2011). Secondly, gender based conflict may with time led to violence at the workplace among the conflicting female and male employees. This could be in the form of verbal threats, intimidating statements, vulgarity or belligerence. Additionally, conflict deters effective leadership and management. This is where instead of leaders focusing on the main goals, they drive most of their energy in butting each other (Brinkert, 2011).
In conclusion, gender-based conflict can be resolved by implement conflict management programs such as conflict coaching programs considering people’s preferences will always differ. Conflict coaching involves training clients to better their understanding of conflict and approaches to conflict. This approach is relatively more effective because it is a continuous education program. By coaching managers to be conflict coaches, in the long run, enhances their conflict resolving competence and understanding of the conflict. Read More
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