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MEA2 Theory and Motivation - Essay Example

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In a work setting, it is important that employees are highly motivated in order to achieve the organizational goals and to face competition. As Locke and Latham (2004, pp 388) purport, motivation…
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MEA2 Theory and Motivation
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Extract of sample "MEA2 Theory and Motivation"

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As Shanks (n.d., p. 34) argues, managers do not comprehend the theory and the misconceptions regarding motivation which prevents them from implementing it effectively. Maslow opined that the physiological needs are the ones that need to be fulfilled first. Hence, man tries to feed himself first. For this, he looks for entry-level jobs. Hence, I, as a manager would encourage others to work to sustain themselves.
Belonging needs are the next in line. After food, clothing and shelter, I would seek friendship, and crave for family. These needs bring with them their own set of demands. Thus, I would try to fulfill such belonging needs. After these three levels, I would satisfy my esteem needs. I look for self-confidence and seek respect from others. I would motivate others to perfect their work and the approach towards it to satisfy such needs. Self-actualization needs are the ultimate needs. One needs to pursue one’s inner talent and be creative to feel real worth. One should also encourage others to seek personally enriching activities like hobbies to unleash their full potential. Griffin and Moorhead (2014, p. 94) point out instances that people giving up well-paying jobs for more fulfilling ones.
Any strategy adopted to motivate one or others should be seen in the context of its effectiveness. Strategy is a two-way street. While the strategy brings changes in one’s life, the organization for which the person works can also perceive the result of the strategy. Referring to Maslow, Stone and Patterson (2005, p.2) purport that productivity would occur only after all the five needs are satisfied.
1. If one is successful in satisfying one’s primary needs, then one has made the right choice of job. In case, individuals cannot live within their means, they should either curtail expenses on food or look for jobs that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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