The Impact Of Employee Motivation On Organisational Performance (UK) - Dissertation Example

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The Impact Of Employee Motivation On Organisational Performance (UK).
This research examined the impact of employee motivation on organisational performance by assessing employee motivation in an organisation in the United Kingdom…
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Download file to see previous pages Different sampling techniques were used for both studies, which seemed best suited for the situation and type of study considering time and other limiting factors. Eleven dimensions were derived out of the semi–structured interviews and questions in the survey were based on these dimensions. Data obtained from questionnaires, on Likert scale from 1-5, was assessed by calculating summated scores and cumulative percentages of each dimension and total cumulative scores. In order to identify the core concern areas, Pareto analysis was performed. Three main dimensions captured more than 75% of dissatisfaction among employees. Analysis of scores obtained for each dimension reveals the significance of organisational procedures, practices and policies on employee motivation. Recommendations are proposed based on these findings, which can be practically implemented. Conclusions are drawn based on all findings and gaps that emerged during the research study have been proposed for future research. The cumulative scores from this research indicate average satisfaction among employees, which are comparable with average performance recorded by company. Table of Contents Chapter 1--An Overview 5 1.1 Introduction 5 1.2 Introduction to this research: a general impression 5 1.2.1 The need and means for employee motivation 5 1.2.2 Significance of employee motivation in organisational success 6 1.3. Background for this study 7 1.3.1 Rationale for this research 7 1.4 Aims and objectives 7 1.5 Hypotheses 8 1.6 Research Questions 8 1.7 Scope and Limitations 8 1.8 Summary 8 Chapter 2 --Literature review 10 2.1. Introduction 10 2.2. Theoretical perspectives on employee motivation 10 2.2.1 Theoretical standpoints 11 2.2.2. Other impressions on employee motivation 13 2.3 Types of motivation 14 2.4. Factors impacting motivation 15 2.5. Impact of employee motivation 16 2.6. Summary 17 Chapter 3 -- Methodology 19 3.1 Introduction 19 3.2 Research design 19 3.2.1 Semi-structured interviews 20 3.2.2. Survey questionnaire and design 20 3.3 Population and sample size. 21 3.3.1 Semi structured interviews 21 3.3.2 Survey questionnaire 22 3.4 Data collection and method of assessment 22 3.4.1 Semi-structured interviews 23 3.4.2 Survey questionnaire 23 3.5 Validity, reliability and generalisability of the methods 24 3.5.1 Semi-structured interviews 24 3.5.2 Survey questionnaire 25 3.6 Ethical considerations 25 3.7 Reference to previous research 26 3.8 Summary 26 Chapter 4—Findings and Results 27 4.1. Introduction 27 4.2 Qualitative research : Findings and results 27 4.2.1. Semi-structured interviews with staff: findings and interpretations 27 4.2.2. Responses from supervisors/managers 29 4.3. Limitations of semi-structured interviews 33 4.4. Quantitative research: Findings and results 33 4.4.1 Hypothesis testing using Chi-square test 33 4.4.2. Percentage calculations 34 4.5 Pareto analysis 35 4.6. Summary 35 Chapter 5 -- Discussion. 35 5.1 Introduction 36 5.2 Returning to aims and objectives of this research 36 5.3 Hypotheses testing 36 5.4 Analysing qualitative and quantitative information 37 5.5 Pareto analysis 48 5.6. Summary 48 Chapter 6 – Conclusions and Recommendations 50 6.1 Introduction 50 6.2 Answers to research questions 50 6.3 Conclusions from overall research 51 6.4 Limitations and drawbacks of this research 51 6.5 Recommendations for supervisors/managers 52 6.6 Final conclusion and propositions for future research 53 Chapter 7 – References and Appendices 54 Chapter 1--An Overview 1.1 Introduction: This chapter presents an overview of the research to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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