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Planned Change Programs May be Harmful to Organizations - Essay Example

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The objective of organizational change is to effectively transfer skills and knowledge. The paper "Planned Change Programs May be Harmful to Organizations" seeks to critically discuss the view that planned change programs may be harmful to organizations…
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Planned Change Programs May be Harmful to Organizations
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Extract of sample "Planned Change Programs May be Harmful to Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages It is common for every organization that is interested in maximizing its profit to have well-structured organizational plans. Nevertheless, not all planned change works for the best interest of the organization in question. In fact many planned changes are considered to be of great harm to many organizations (Marion 2011). Nevertheless, research shows that there are available alternatives to planned changes.
Planned changes are essential to better position the extension organization and focus on client needs and moving forward in sustainability programs (Marion, 2011).. Reorganization provides a framework for longer-term commitment to organizations and sub units are being encouraged to put work teams in place to ensure that each sector integrates staff and services into a cohesive, focused business unit (Cheremisin and Davletshin, 2010). Consultation and participation are believed to be essential for the successful development and implementation of organizational goals and objectives. Each work team is asked to develop an effective process for discussion of major challenges and opportunities facing the organization, if possible, over the next decade. Updated strategic plans are then developed.
In addition to this, these plans form a framework for focusing organizational resources on the most strategic fields by using a well laid out approach. Updated strategies are implemented by workers at all levels of management in many organizations, 90 percent of the work force is provided by the human beings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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