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Racism in the UK workplace and its affect on managers - Essay Example

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Racism is a major concern in United Kingdom where the practice of letting a person race or skin color is being considered as a factor to guarantee one to receive a job, to be promoted or be provided with other benefits in the work place. The practice negatively affects work and…
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Racism in the UK workplace and its affect on managers
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Extract of sample "Racism in the UK workplace and its affect on managers"

Download file to see previous pages Further, the paper will discuss how managers respond to the issue of racism and the skills used to solve racism in work place in United Kingdom.
The human resources department cannot control the managers on what they do. Human resource mainly monitors employment practices to in the entire company cases of discrimination are monitored by the human resource. Racial discrimination in workplace affects managers in different ways for example an individual may be discriminated in workplace and later lawsuit to be the next thing. This normally happen when there is an evidence that a company is discriminating the minority group in a company against the white employees causing such a firm to be sued and thus heavy fine is imposed to the company (Gomez, 2008). The federal government from 1960s has been fighting racism in workplace and if one is discriminated, law that prohibits discrimination will lead to the manager being fired thus affecting the company progress.
The work output where racism exists is low since competence is not used as the basis to improve the company output thus making the managers to be under pressure since the managers want high quality production and increased output of the products. If problem persist, it will lead to the company being unable to carry the daily transactions thus the manager’s capability to control and manage to be questioned. Racism usually leads to the company using more resources like fund to hire competent people from other organizations leading to increased expenditure in the company. This will mean the company will rely on other sources of production despite having employees in the company (Bonnett, 2000). The responsibility to explain the expenditure can make the manager to be demoted or even being fired since one is not able to lead the employees. Racism will cause those employees who are innovative not to present the ideas to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Racism in the UK Workplace and Its Affect on Managers Essay.
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