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Mankind is reaching new horizons of development through innovations in science and technology, the world today has changed due to the hard work and effort of our race; we live today in a sophisticated platform that promises to provide solutions to key issues in life…
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Workplace Discrimination
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Download file to see previous pages According to Aronsom, racial discrimination comes from the word “race” that implies one takes advantage owing to their own prejudice or stereotype of their supremacy. In taking advantage; they may harm the person from a different race in various ways. Many conclude this discrimination in the words “The fight between blacks and whites” – excluding the brown race. This may be a result of some negative past experiences or some stereotypes formed from the beginning. Many strongly belief it is due to lack of education that adds to this problem of Racial Discrimination. This Racial Discrimination can be seen all around the society; streets, schools, colleges, public places and professional organizations.
Fryer states that racial Discrimination at workplace is a problem that is growing over the time span; it not only creates problems within the organization but poses hazard to governments and other stakeholders of that organization. Racial discrimination is seen as a reason for the collapse of many organizations and it stands out today as a major problem owing to which many theories and strategies have been adopted by many organizations to prevent them from the turmoil of racism. As a result, the committee on the elimination of racial discrimination has laid great emphasis on the topic....
In order for such motivation to take place, it is crucial to avoid conflicts, especially racial conflicts as these once ignited, are difficult to stop. Such was the case in the recent riots of United Kingdom (2011). If we are to follow the process of efficiency for corporate entities, motivation is the key element that will lead to success as stated by the above figures who have each given out a different theory for motivation of workers (example: F.W Taylor’s Piece rate policy) (Stimpson, 2010) Racial Discrimination acts as a hindrance for many employees to be motivated and work efficiently; this racial discrimination has its roots either through past experiences or certain stereotypes inbuilt since a long time. Hindrance in work can jeopardize the whole operation of a corporation. It can start off with very minuet exposure and result in violence and chaos for the world to see (example 2011 UK riots) (Regrosa, 2011). There are various ways in which racial discrimination can take place at organizations; it can start off from the phase when an employee has not even secured a job with the company. Discrimination on basis of ethnicity or race during interviews is a common problem in many workplaces, therefore, with racial discriminatory Human Resource personnels; inefficiency in the “hiring process” should be no surprise. In fact some journals go to the extent of verifying that fact that African-Americans (blacks) at times have to work harder for the same job when competing with whites in the United States of America (Mottley, 1993). Asking a black person tougher questions, trying to embarrass a black, putting behind tougher situations or degrading a black while a professional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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