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Workplace Discrimination - Research Paper Example

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Discrimination is a vice that has continuously been part of our society. Though not openly discussed or rebuked, discrimination has taken root among the lives of my individuals. …
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Workplace Discrimination Paper
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Extract of sample "Workplace Discrimination"

Download file to see previous pages Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, types of discrimination are based on: “age; physical impairment; sex; religion affiliation; retaliation; racial background; sexual harassment; genetic composition; pregnancy; origin and equal payment or compensation” (EEOC) Discrimination has spread to different parts of the society, the workplace environment being one of them. In this environment, discrimination takes different forms and occurs in all types of settings. Employees are treated differently due to characteristic that make them indifferent from others (Cole 123). As a result, there is inequity in terms of freedom or rights that individuals in an organization are given. Restrictions placed on individuals such as lack of freedom to: develop skills; select and follow their aspirations and rewards of well done work are denied, result to employees feeling frustrated and lack of control (ILO). Gender or sex discrimination is one of the common forms of discrimination in work places. This type of discrimination occurs when due to his/her, an employee is treated differently. Disparate treatment is a form of gender discrimination which involves, treating an employee in a manner that is different from how you treat his/her colleagues, because of their sexual orientation. Disparate impact is another kind of gender discrimination and is complex compared to the disparate treatment. It occurs when policies of a company leaves out some individuals from employment or promotion opportunities (McGinnis 56). Since 1919 the International Labour Organization (ILO) has been dedicated to achieve equality between men and women in the work environment. This is through promoting the rights of the two genders. The ILO idea of equality between male and female individuals in the work place is perceived as a basic human right. The world should aim at achieving this goal in order to provide decent work environment for all (ILO). However, this dream is yet to be achieved as gender discrimination is rampant in the work places. Women in the past had the least career opportunities and rights than men. They were seen to be weak and not able to perform work that required too much energy or intellect. Though educated and indifferent from the past, the modern day woman still faces discrimination in the work environment (Mullins 102). The employment opportunities in technical, construction and manufacturing sectors are mostly occupied by men. Institutions may in their job vacancy advertisement specify that they want men due to the hard nature of the work. Promotions in the work environment are mostly given to men. This is despite the fact that a women contesting for the same managerial position, are more qualified and have better experience than the men. The position is however, given to the male because of the belief that man is a better placed to be a leader than a woman. Early this year, 500 female Wal-Mart employees, filed claims of discrimination against the store. They said that there was discrimination on pay and promotions (Shan). Monetary compensation is another form in which since this form of discrimination occurs. Wages vary among the individuals within an institution, women receiving the least. As of 2002, according to the census bureau, the average salary of a woman makes up 77% of a man’s. It is clear that gender discrimination still exists in the 21st century through differences in salaries for similar work done. Gender roles can contribute to discrimination in the work environment. A woman is seen to be the one in charge of domestic duties such caring for the home and children. The man is assigned the role of being the provider/ breadwinner of the family. In deciding whether to hire potential male or female workers who have equal qualification, an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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