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Age discrimination in Employment - Research Paper Example

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Though it has been described differently, it means treating or handling a person less favorably because of their age (Sergeant, 2013). According to Barinka (2014), it engrosses exposing a…
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Age discrimination in Employment
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Extract of sample "Age discrimination in Employment"

Download file to see previous pages However, this lack of recognition of age discrimination relates to the fact that the matters surrounding it are not succinctly apprehended. For instance, most of the forms of discrimination in workplaces are grounded on historical biases against a specific recognizable group such as women and ethnic minorities; nonetheless, age does not define a specific or recognizable group. Reasonably, age is a range along which differences between people are frequently elusive and relative (Sergeant, 2013).
Additionally, while sex or race prejudice may be grounded on dubious presumptions about the capability of an employee to carry out a task, not all the distinctions regarding age may be prejudiced (Sergeant, 2013). Mental and physical capabilities can lessen with time, but not at a similar rate among all the people. The physical and mental distinctions between the aged employees and the tasks requested to carry out means that some people are capable of doing the job while the others are not (Sergeant, 2013). Since age discrimination is seen in almost all organizations, there is legislation in distinct states to safeguard individuals against prejudice. New Mexico State has numerous laws and regulation set to protect people against age prejudice (New Mexico State Bar, 2014). This paper discusses employment age discrimination and its legislation with reference to New Mexico State.
Age discrimination can be described as either direct or indirect (Sergeant, 2013). Direct age discrimination is described as a less favorable treatment because of a person’s age (Sergeant, 2013). This occurs when an aged individual is not considered for a job position because they are deemed outdated or not up to date with the present technology when compared with a young person. On the other end, indirect discrimination refers to the selection criteria, policies, employment rules, benefits, rules and other practices that if adopted have the effect of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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