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Age discrimination in employment (especially for older people) - Research Paper Example

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One way this is done, is to reduce salaries and the costs of health insurance. This is often accomplished by a reduction of work force, mainly older employees who more often than not…
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Age discrimination in employment (especially for older people)
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Extract of sample "Age discrimination in employment (especially for older people)"

Download file to see previous pages Policies and procedures for the company should be written clearly in an employee manual. This should include how promotions, salary increases/decreases and reduction in work force will occur. Having clearly written policies and procedures will benefit the employee and the company in age discrimination cases.
These laws fall under the federal United States Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, although state governments also have their own laws regarding age discrimination ( Age discrimination can be defined as when either an employee or an applicant who is over the age of 40, experiences unfair treatment when it comes to anything related to employment including hiring and dismissal, pay, job assignments, layoffs, work hours, promotions, etc. ( Although there are many reasons for age discrimination, insurance companies are primarily to blame.
Harassment relating to age occurs when supervisors, other employees or even clients continually hassle or badger someone. The law does not cover light hearted teasing or occasional off handed remarks, but when the situation escalates to create a hostile work environment for the employee it could be an issue of age discrimination ( Keep in mind that the law pertains to people over the age of 40.
According to U.S. News Money, people in the United States are retiring later than in previous years. This can be attributed to a lack of employer sponsored retirement benefits, reduction in Social Security benefits, longer life expectancy, improved health as people age and the coordination of retirement between wives and husbands when statistically, wives are three years younger than their husbands ( Increased career length leads to an increase in age discrimination instances.
With the recent downfall of the United States economy beginning in 2008, it has become more important for people to continue to work past typical retirement age. Since that time, age ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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