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Workplace Discrimination - Reality or Illusion - Research Paper Example

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This research “Workplace Discrimination - Reality or Illusion” is going to provide a deep insight into the corporate diversity and equal opportunities for career development for employees regardless of their specific demographic, age-related bias, geographic bias, sexual and gender orientation.
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Workplace Discrimination - Reality or Illusion
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Extract of sample "Workplace Discrimination - Reality or Illusion"

Download file to see previous pages One human resources expert offers an interesting phenomenon in relation to discrimination which involves the level to which discrimination tends to occur in the face of certain economic conditions.
“In good economic times, people know they are supposed to support diversity and will tend to hire a minority candidate to get affirmative action points. But when times are tough, people tend to look out for their own group and isolate outsiders” (Mason, 2009, p.19). 
This author is suggesting that poor economies can lead to the creation of bias in the recruitment process, where hiring managers will begin sacrificing a diversity philosophy to ensure that others who fit their desired demographic profile are hired. This was important to offer because it tends to illustrate a broader social viewpoint in which diversity can be abandoned as a business objective when conditions at the organization have become difficult or unprofitable. This would seem to suggest a need for social change in the workplace environment or the provision of training to reinforce that diversity must be a common policy at all times and even economic conditions should not impact hiring decision-making.
Williams (1999) offers a powerful fact: That employment is essential to securing a respectable lifestyle and is often vital to basic survival. “To deprive anyone of employment is to deprive them of sustenance” (Williams, 1999, p.81). What this would point to is that when discrimination occurs, it tends to create difficulties in just meeting the basic physiological needs of a person which can impact motivational levels to perform in the workplace. Perhaps this is the reason why so many different laws exist, state by state, to prevent discrimination. For instance, in Minnesota, one cannot be discriminated against if they are collecting assistance from public support agencies (Repa and Stewart, 1999). In Michigan, employees cannot be discriminated against because of their weight or height (Repa and Stewart). The development of these different state laws ensures that people can maintain a healthy lifestyle and are not continuously at risk of job loss due to discrimination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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