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Business Ethics - Essay Example

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How would you react to a CEOs statement that, on moral grounds, she had decided to let the workers in her chemical plant decide for themselves (1) whether or not to work overtime in the more dangerous parts of the enterprise and, separately, (2) whether or not to wear protective…
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Business Ethics
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Extract of sample "Business Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages the CEO’s statement, of giving the employees the liberty to choose whether or not they would like to wear the protective clothing are not ethical neither is it a right choice on moral grounds. There are numerous chemicals used on a daily basis and in some of the cases there is a high majority the use of the chemicals and the effects of the chemical in terms of immediate or even long term is not recognized. Being a CEO of a chemical company, it is essential and mandatory for them to consider the possible issues that will be faced by the employees in the company.
a) Whether Overtime is hazardous to health and the working environment: Based on the utilitarian theory and ethical concepts, it is seen that overtime is not very beneficial for any employee especially not in a chemicals industry (Blum, 1993). The effects of the chemicals are very high in the normal eight hours job basically. So leaving it for the employees to choose on whether or not to work for higher number of hours is not ethical. It is not even a choice based on the moral grounds and it is necessary that the CEO take up the responsibility to make sure that the employees have a fixed number of hours of work every week. Being a leader for an industry the CEO is expected to be aware of the damages that the chemicals can cause the employees in the time they are exposed to the chemicals, hence it is necessary that the CEO on humanitarian grounds at least ensures that the employees are not permitted to work for higher hours. Also it is the responsibility of the top management to bring in the rules and regulations in the company where the employees need to wear on the protective clothing during the shift hours and at all time while dealing with the chemicals. This should be the case not only for the harmful chemicals but for all chemicals irrespective of the degree of damage it could cause to the employee handling it (Blum, 1993). Although it has been clear from researches and studies that the amount of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 7.
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...workforce with artificial, dependent and limited knowledge. So we also have to practice the critical thinking criteria. This also enlarges our caliber but also makes us more efficient in other field of life. References 1. Akula, J. L.: 2000, Spring, ‘Business Crime: What to Do When the Law Pursues You’, Sloan Management Review s41(3), 29–42. 2. Allmon, D. E. and J. Graneet: 1990, ‘Real Estate Sales Agents and the Code of Ethics: A Voice Stress Analysis’, Journal of Business Ethics 9(10), 807–812. Amgen: 2003, codeOfconduct.html. 3. Hafner K., Markoff J. 1992. ‘Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier’; New York: Simon...
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The Allies later overthrew it. ‘In the heyday of the main bank system, a stable system existed in which banks and other financial institutions mobilized and allocated savings in a high-growth economy regulated by controls over a loan, deposit, and bond issue interest rates.’ (Masahiko Aoki & Hugh Patrick, ‘The Japanese Main Bank System’ p 21).
The structure of the keiretsu was analogous to the tree layout or branched format. It was this very structure that also seems to have lent a lot of stability in the early years of its inception. Each major keiretsu had one particular bank as its primary funding nucleus. This bank lent a specific keiretsu’s member companies money because they held positi...
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The purpose of this study is to focus on the ethical considerations and dilemmas faced by the organization Timberland in terms of its coalition to City-Year and the steps that are taken and should be taken for the solution of those ethical issues.

In the merger of the two organizations, Timberland and City Year, there are many ethical considerations. To develop legal business relationships between Timberland and City Year and to consider the stipulations of the required business laws, the following ethical considerations should be deemed:
  • None of City Year’s earnings should be incurred to any private shareholder or an individual.
  • City Year cannot participate in any political campaign or...
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The chemically-impaired nurse is a nurse who has a substance-addiction problem. These substances include drugs and/or alcohol. These nurses usually have impaired functions because of their addiction to drugs or alcohol and their nursing practice is often compromised as a result of their addiction (Ellis & Hartley, 2004). A study conducted by Sullivan and colleagues in the 1980s revealed that substance addiction problems are about as great as the percentage for substance addiction in the general population (as cit...
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Climate change and globalization are intricately linked. With the passage of time, many environmental issues, like global warming, have...
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The lack of ethics is one that results in complications such as loss of customer loyalty, inability to continue to progress in society and legalities that can cause the business to become hindered when selling products or services.

A company that is taking shape in the global market is Wal – Mart a superstore that is known for low prices on a variety of products. Consumers that are familiar with Wal – Mart often attribute the products offered by this corporation as convenient, easy to use and at lower prices than other stores. However, there are also continuous questions of how the employees, suppliers, and customers are treated when looking at ethical considerations. One of the common problems that many ha...
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