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Religion is diverse in nature, and there exists to many religions in world. These religions include Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc. Religion can help in the creation of the…
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Comments on readings
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Download file to see previous pages Employees of the organization can follow these values, because they are derived from some of their religious beliefs.
Canada also has a human rights act, and all provinces in it, are subjected to the act. One of the major provisions of this act is prevention of discrimination. Because these provinces are subjected to the human rights act, people can appeal any of their decisions to the Canadian Supreme Court. The courts have a responsibility of interpreting these provisions based on their ideological beliefs as opposed to the technical wording of the laws under consideration. One of the rights and freedoms enshrined in Canadian Human Rights Act is Freedom of religion. Courts normally find it difficult to interpret this law. However, when this matter goes to court, the courts normally take a subjective approach. This involves a situation where the courts would value the religious beliefs of a particular individual, as opposed to the religious belief of the whole faith. This is one of the best approaches in promoting freedom of religion. This is because the interests of a particular individual are protected.
This article talks about the issue of discrimination, because of religion. It tries to analyze the likelihood of an individual refusing to work with women, mainly because his religious belief does not allow him. This is unfortunate situation, which if it is allowed to exist, may result to inefficiencies in the work place. This is because it would not advocate for diversity, which is an important concept that helps in the promotion of a high quality work. For example, if this is allowed, people may refuse working with female leaders, on the pretext of religion. This is discrimination, and this behavior should be condemned.
The charter of rights and freedom of Canada advocates for an equal treatment before the law and execution of the law without discriminating an individual. It is one of the foundational principles that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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