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Time tracking log - Essay Example

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From the results calculated, it is quite evident that the student spends more time I the third quadrant than any other quadrant. The third quadrant contains the time the student takes dressing for shool, the time the student takes toeat the breakfast,the time taken to drive to school and the time taken when preparing for bed…
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Time tracking log
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Extract of sample "Time tracking log"

ESSAY:MANAGEMENT Reflection paper. From the results calculated, it is quite evident that the spends more time I the third quadrant than any other quadrant. The third quadrant contains the time the student takes dressing for shool, the time the student takes toeat the breakfast,the time taken to drive to school and the time taken when preparing for bed. Each interval has a diffence of thirty (30) minutes each. It is noticed that the student takes one hour to drive to school. This is twice the amount of time taken between the other interval of activities. In the other quadrants, the student spents equal amount of time each, that is thirty minutes each. The activities in these quadrats are studying for exams, listening to Spanish language CD and making phone call with friend (Robbins 2005).
From the information and calculation, it is evident that the number of activities in the third quandrant are more than those in the other quadrants. This therefore raises its percentage in the time log. The results are very accurate from the information given. The total number of activities sum up to eight (8) activities, those in the third quadrant are five (5) this calculated as a percenatage results into 63% of the total activities undertaken by the studentthatday.the reamaing activitie in the other quadrants are one each thereby consttuting 13% each of the total activities undertaken by the student (Robbins 2005).

On the time spent in each quadrant, since the student took much time in the third quadrant, it constitutes a higher percentage. This is calculated as; taking the total sum of all the time spent in all the quadrants,180 minutes and the calculating the percantage of time spent in the third quadrant,90 minutes, out of the sum . this yields 50%. This further supoorted by the pie chart (Robbins 2005).

To a large percentage, I’am satisfied with the way I have spent my time. This is because bi have tried to balance my activities very well, creating equal time interval for each. The way I have spent my time has also been helpful because it enabled me to be active throughout the whole day. Very little time is wasted in between the ontervals. Just from the time I wakes up, my activities are all organised and well planned throughout the day (Robbins 2005).
However, there are some improvements I feel I should include in my schedule. Most of my afternoon hours are wasted. I should therefore include some time for physical exrcise, this can help me remain helthy and physically fit. I should also increase the amount I use for my studies. Time needed for the revision for the exams should be slightly higher than the time spent in other activities such as time spent in eating breakfast (Robbins 2005).
This can be by reducing the amount of time spent on phone and that time used in listening to music. I can also include more time for my revision by allocating some time in the afternoon that I’am free after some exrcises to revision. From my afternoon free time, I can also include some time for visiting my friends not just talking with them over the phone hence this can make visit many not just one (Robbins 2005).
Robbins,S.P.,& Coulter, M. K. (2005). Management (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall Read More
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(Time Tracking Log Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Time Tracking Log Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Time Tracking Log Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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