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'the effects job satisfaction has on an organisation in regards to performance & productivity, turnover and absenteeism - Essay Example

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It affects both employee and employer to a great extent. The well-being of an organisation is dependent on hard work and contribution from the employees. They form an important…
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the effects job satisfaction has on an organisation in regards to performance & productivity, turnover and absenteeism
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Extract of sample "'the effects job satisfaction has on an organisation in regards to performance & productivity, turnover and absenteeism"

Download file to see previous pages The satisfaction and dissatisfaction of employees affects the rate of turnover and absenteeism in an organisation. If an employee is not satisfied with the working environment, then he/she can quit the job, which increases the turnover rate. This affects operations of the organisation to a great extent that can even lead to suspension of the work.
This study highlights job satisfaction on the turnover rate and absenteeism in an organisation It is observed, from the survey undertaken by CIPD, there is a positive correlation between job satisfaction and pay, promotion and rewards. Thus, it can be portrayed that performance management plays an important role in fulfilling the expectation of the employees. Pay and promotion is identified to be most significant aspects of job satisfaction since it motivates employees to work harder for the organisation.
The aim and objective are very important for projects since these direct the whole content. After determination of project aim, objectives are set. The project frames few objectives that are examined in order to justify validity of initial project topic.
Psychology plays an important role in various phases of human life. Higher importance is given to mental condition of individuals (employees) in organisations so as to enhance productivity. The human resource management of any organisation takes into consideration the mental well-being of their employees so that their productivity is not harmed. Arnold, et al. (1998 cited in Markos and Sridevi, 2010) has pointed out the two main reasons why job satisfaction has gained importance in the recent years. The first and foremost significant reason is that job satisfaction acts as an indicator of mental condition of a human. Thus, it helps in identifying whether a particular employee is happy or not in his/her workplace. Secondly, it is assumed that if employees are content with their work, then they are motivated to put in their full effort, thereby ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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