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Strategic Management module. Vodafone: Developing a Total Communications Strategy in the UK - Essay Example

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The communications industry in the UK has grown over the years and new technology has improved means of communication. There have been various challenges and factors affecting this growth. The main…
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Strategic Management module. Vodafone: Developing a Total Communications Strategy in the UK
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Extract of sample "Strategic Management module. Vodafone: Developing a Total Communications Strategy in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages They include deregulation, competition, technology advances and customers. Like any other industry in the UK, the communications industry has regulations that are put in place to be followed. These regulations keep changing with time and technology and stake holders in the industry have had to change and adopt. Some of these regulations have brought an increase to the license fee paid by the different users who are the customers (Bonocore, H.U. 2001 p. 25).
Like in many other countries, the UK government had developed the fixed line network. It privatized the services as British Telecom meaning that any other party that would want to be part of the industry would have to follow some regulations set by the regulator. In order to be more competitive it was required to offer wholesale service to other operators in the industry at competitive terms. This move by the regulator ensured that BT was not the only service provider and that customers get the services they need as their need arises (Daft, H.U. 2011 p. 29).
This regulator has also contributed to the need for digital migration in UK. When starting out, most providers in the communications industry started with the provision of fixed line telephone services. With time, the service providers have had to change and incorporate more services that go with the changing technology. These include mobile services, television services and internet services. With the rising number of service providers in the industry, there has been an introduction of various services at competitive rates (Grant, H.U. 2006 p. 35).
The other key driver of change is competition. Most countries including the UK have seen tremendous change in the communications industry. This has been due to the rise of various companies that offer these services. Initially, it is the government that would provide the services through BT. With the coming up of mobile phones and internet technology, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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