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Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson Spencer - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the book Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson Spencer which presents effective methods of dealing with the development. This summary analyses important lessons learned from this motivational story and their application to management and personal, professional life…
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Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson Spencer
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Extract of sample "Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson Spencer"

‘Who moved my cheese’ by Johnson Spencer
"Who Moved My Cheese" book presents a motivational story by Johnson Spencer of how change happens in each day of professional and personal life and effective methods of dealing with the development. In this business fable, there are four characters; two mice and two miniature human beings all in search of the cheese in a maze (Johnson, 2002). In the context, the cheese is a representation of personal valuable desires in life. These needs can vary from happiness, family, good friends or a well paying job. The maze, on the other hand, is an environment or path that one’s take in search of this cheese. This summary analyses important lesson leant from this book and their application to management and personal, professional life.
Several vital lessons are of importance from this fable. First is that change occurs. Due to the dynamic way of living, expectation of a change in life at any moment is mandatory. For example, one can do a good job but there occurs a drift in economy. People should also anticipate a given change as they prepare in readiness for choose the displacement. This is due to the reason that changes occur often and preparation for the change is crucial (KANDULA, 2003).
The cheese should receive continuous testing to notice its freshness. This calls for change monitoring. As the change occurs, there are indicators on one environment before the real change. This prevents the change from getting an individual by surprise. Quick adaption to the change is necessary. This calls for the release of the old cheese to enjoy a new one. It is advisable to move before the change. As in the case of the mice in the book, the move fast in search of new food supply and have quick instincts to adapt upon depletion of the existing supply (Johnson, 2002).
It is also very significant to accept a change in order to move ahead. In case someone faces change, do not waste precious time blaming others. Quickly move with the cheese. It is also advisable to enjoy a new cheese but do not create a comfort zone in the new cheese. Try to take the positive bit of a change and seize the opportunity to learn new ideas.
To keep up in the pace some changes are of need. This calls the rearrangement of the staffs to face a new change for managers. People can also stay at one point for a long time since most of them are not ready to change for another cheese. Management purposes that if one does not change become extinct. Most people wait until the environment presents no any other option but only a change. This is the worst management practice (KANDULA, 2003). People should practice to counteract the fear of the new cheese.
People should also practice movement in the right direction. The application of the lesson leant in this book can help in both personal profession and management. This would prompt an individual to be keen to details and welcome a reason for a change. Always have confidence of unknown to bury the fear.
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Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson Spencer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words. Retrieved from
(Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson Spencer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson Spencer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson Spencer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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