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Who Moved My Cheese (Spencer Johnson ,M.D) - Book Report/Review Example

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Spencer Johnson, the reader is introduced to four characters. These characters are meant to illustrate the embodiment of specific characteristics in the real world. The mice characters, Sniff and Scurry, are…
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Who Moved My Cheese (Spencer Johnson ,M.D)
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Extract of sample "Who Moved My Cheese (Spencer Johnson ,M.D)"

Download file to see previous pages ed many negative traits at the beginning of the story, he began to take on more of the positive traits once he decided to go search for the New Cheese. He realized that in order to survive and be successful, he would have to go out into the maze and search for that cheese regardless of how scary it might be or how much he might want to stay in a familiar place. The fact that Haw began to see the importance of change, facing your fears, and hard work, made him the character that I rooted for and wanted to be emulate within my own life, but I also could relate to his internal struggle as well.
This particular story shared several important skills that I believe the reader can incorporate into their own life. I think the skills of hard work, perseverance, and adaptability are the main ones that I felt I could apply to my own life. The characters of Sniff and Scurry appear to have mastered these skills from the very beginning as they never allowed themselves to grow to expect the cheese at Station C. They were always prepared to move on and search for the next cheese station which was illustrated by the fact that they always kept their jogging shoes tied around their necks. In the end, they were rewarded for these skills by finding the next cheese station a lot sooner than either Hem or Haw did. Eventually, Haw developed these same skills as well which is why he ended up being successful as well by the end. Perseverance, hard work, and adaptability are very basic skills which I can utilize in nearly ever situation I deal with on a daily basis which is why is it is important to learn and foster these skills.
This particular “Handwriting on the Wall” has to do with securing your mindset toward the idea that change is going to happen and a person needs to be expecting that change. By doing this, the person will not experience the emotional turmoil that comes when change occurs and it is not expected or anticipated ahead of time.
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