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Spss statical analysis of my primary research of my report - Essay Example

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The majority of the participants (62%) of this survey were in the age categories 21 to 40, were self-rated as loyal customers of Ted Baker (75%) and had been customers of Ted Baker for over a year (57%). These customers recognised Ted Baker as either a high street brand (a…
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Spss statical analysis of my primary research of my report
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Extract of sample "Spss statical analysis of my primary research of my report"

Download file to see previous pages Primary data analysis revealed that good design of the product (62%), affordable price (60%), and reputation (57%) are the most important reasons for the customers to shop at Ted Baker. Less than 15% and less than 23% of the respondents also reported sales person’s information and store environment respectively are important. The number of individuals who described affordable price as the most important reason to buy from Ted Baker was approximately 58% of the total respondents. Moreover, 23% of the shoppers in the 31 to 40 age category reported affordable price as the most important reason for buying from Ted while none stated affordable price as ‘not important’. In the less than 21 and 21 to 30 age categories, the affordable price was also rated as the most important reason for most of the shoppers. The panel of Chart 02 illustrates the importance of affordable price for the customers in different age categories.
The importance of other factors to the shoppers, such as quality, design, salespersons’ information, store environment and reputation of the brand, is illustrated in Tables 2–6 respectively in Appendix B. Approximately 58% of the respondents stated affordable price is more important compared to the services, store environment and brand reputation. Percentage proportions of the individual respondents who reported affordable price is more important compared to the other factors are illustrated in Appendix C and Graph 1 below.
Satisfied and loyal customers have been repeatedly visiting Ted Baker for a longer duration compared to the others. Findings support the theory that satisfaction and loyalty are related, and it includes behavioural characteristics such as continuing to purchase products from the same supplier.
The correlation coefficient between the degree of loyalty and the length of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Spss Statical Analysis of My Primary Research of My Report Essay”, n.d.
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