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As an Economics student of the University of Maryland, College Park who expects to graduate in December 2015, I have experience as an auditing intern where I helped my company, Jinchenglixin Accounting Firm, in auditing three firms last January 2014. I am writing to apply for…
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Primary Research
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3711 Campus Drive, APT 320 College Park, MD 20740 November 11, John Donnelly Head of Human Resources JPMorgan Chase 500 Stanton Christina Newark, DE 19713

Dear Mr. Donnelly,
As an Economics student of the University of Maryland, College Park who expects to graduate in December 2015, I have experience as an auditing intern where I helped my company, Jinchenglixin Accounting Firm, in auditing three firms last January 2014. I am writing to apply for your 2015 Finance Analyst Development Program which I found on the Careers4Terps database. JPMorgan Chase & Co. has a Finance Analyst Development Program that offers its interns the opportunity to be strategic partners across different business areas and functions. I am interested in your program’s hands-on learning experience and the chance to make real contributions to business decisions.
My strong knowledge of business analytics and proficiency in quantitative and problem-solving skills make me the perfect candidate for this position.

I have strong knowledge of business analytics that I used when I worked on financial audits with the senior auditors of my firm. In particular, I contributed to the development of predictive business analytics that determined new growth opportunities for the company. It resulted to changes in how accountants determined the need for corrective actions and what these actions should be. During this time, I also solved a problem of the company regarding merging several data categories in order to improve data collection and reporting efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, I am particularly interested in working for JPMorgan Chase & Co. because you are a world leader in finding financial services solutions for diverse sectors. When I learned of the solutions you offered for filling up important healthcare and technology jobs in New York City, I became excited of how I can also contribute my business analytics knowledge and skills in conducting similar data studies and providing helpful recommendation reports. I believe that I have strong analytical, quantitative and problem-solving skills that are essential to being a successful Finance Analyst intern.
I am eager to meet with you or to have a phone interview to further discuss this valuable employment opportunity. I am interested in learning more about your consumer and commercial banking services and working with your senior managers to analyze results and offer financial and business insights. You can reach me by phone at 301-526-3669 and by e-mail at, if you want me to provide further information. I will call your office next Monday to see if a mutually convenient time can be arranged. Thank you for your time and consideration of my application.


Xinyi Chen
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