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Static Equilibrium - Lab Report Example

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This will act as a model of real world system in which the concept will be ease understanding while learning in schools. The…
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Static Equilibrium
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"Static Equilibrium"

Download file to see previous pages From Newtons 1st law, an object is in equilibrium when it moves at constant velocity (Mathew, 2010, pp5). Static equilibrium is thus a system at rest is said to be in static equilibrium. The summation of equilibrium forces in each direction adds to zero. Also, the total net summation of torque is equates to zero. (Mathew, 2004, p.3).ԐFx=0, ԐFy=0, ԐFz=0, ԐԎ=0,Fx becomes the force that occur in the X direction and Fy are the forces that occur in the Y component direction (Mathew,2010.pp.7). Fz is the force acting towards the Z direction. Force in an action as either a push or a pull that acts on an object. It has units given Newton. (N). Torque can be defined as the product as force and distance (r) about a point that causes the object to rotate. This is formal equation for torque is Ԏ=Frsinϴ (Mathew, 2014, pp.4).F is the force in Newtons (N), r is the distance from the reference at which that the force acts at from the force vector at an angle from the distance. Torque= (Force) (Momentum arm), by convention a torque creating a clockwise rotation becomes negative torque, and a torque causing a counterclockwise rotation gives positive torque
In this experiment, the force acting on a ring on a force table will be broken into constituents. The force, both magnitude and direction it will necessary to balance the ring. Equipment’s such as Force Table, Set of Hanging, Masses set of weights, three mass hangers, Ruler, Torque Balance Stand, string, two balances (Eisenberg, 2009 p.56)
The mass for the 50gram disk was calculated. Also, mass of one of the hangers was measure. The mass of the disk was increased to the mass of the hanger, and its sum tabulated. This process was done again for second 50 gram disk and mass hanger. The sum was taken as M2 the components of for both X and Y of the force vectors given that m1 positioned at an angle of 40 degrees, and m2 is at 120 degree. In order to obtain the magnitude direction, a third force is necessary to balance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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