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Auditory and vestibular System / Visual system - Essay Example

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In the ear, the medium through which sound waves travels is the air. The origin of sound waves is from vibrating objects. The other component of sound waves is pitch…
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Auditory and vestibular System / Visual system
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"Auditory and vestibular System / Visual system"

Download file to see previous pages The larger the size of the vibration, the louder the sound gets.
Production of sound waves begins in the auricle. Its role is to pick and direct sound waves into the external auditory canal. The sound waves then strike the tympanic membrane. The difference in pressure of the air causes the membrane to vibrate in response. These vibrations are conducted by the chain of ossicles to the oval window that in turn transmits to the endolymph in the vestibular and tympanic canals. The endolymph vibrations vibrate the basilar membrane and its hair cells. The hair cells are then forced to bend against the tectorial membrane above them. Once they bend, they are stimulated to generate nerve impulses in the cochlear nerve to which they are connected. These transmits to the brain.
The otolithic organs have receptors for static equilibrium known as the macula. The receptors provide sensory information of the position of head in space. This is essential in maintaining the necessary posture and balance. The receptors also play a significant role in detecting linear acceleration and deceleration.
The energy that radiates in terms of waves that radiates from the sun is known as electromagnetic radiation. Visible light is one of the types of this radiation. The radiation exhibits two peaks. The distance between these peaks is known as the wavelength. The wavelengths are measured in terms of nanometer (nm). The eye only detects visible light. This has wavelengths beginning from 400nm to700 nm. The visible light exhibits colors. Such color depends on its wavelength. A rod helps in seeing of dim light, as they do not provide color vision. On the other hand, the cones are stimulated by brighter light. This produces color vision.
The rod has light sensitive area. This is known as Rhodospin. This constitutes of opsin and retinal. Rhodospin absorbs the light that strikes a rod. It undergoes breakage known as bleaching into opsin and retinal. The change ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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