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Job Opportunities in the Deaf Community - Article Example

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The researcher states that In general, deaf culture can be described as the social art, values, history, shared institutions, beliefs, and behaviors of communities that are directly or indirectly affected by deafness…
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Job Opportunities in the Deaf Community
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Extract of sample "Job Opportunities in the Deaf Community"

This paper delves into job opportunities in the deaf community.

The deaf community has its own employees or job resources and opportunities to help the deaf as well as hearing people who are seeking employment opportunities that are related to deafness. It is worth noting that employment opportunities in the deaf community are near similar to other communities. This is because this community requires almost similar types of goods and services (Padden and Tom 33).

The first type of job in the deaf community is teaching jobs that are essential in facilitating education in the community. The second one is that of interpreters who help in aiding communication between hearing people and deaf people. The other type of job opportunity in the deaf community is captioning – captioning jobs have gained prominence in the deaf community especially because laws of many countries have called for captioning in the broadcasting (Andrews, Leigh and Tammy 106). Captioning entails displaying text or non-speech elements on the visual display such as video or television to provide interpretive or additional information to deaf people. There is also the job of speech-language pathologists and audiologists who are essential in providing healthcare services to the deaf. They diagnose, monitor, and treat disorders of the vestibular and auditory system (Padden and Tom 71).

Psychologists also have the opportunity to work in this community. For instance, counseling and clinical psychologists can provide psychological services for deaf people of all ages in mental health clinics and hospitals such as assessment, therapy, and counseling. Social workers are also required in the deaf community and this is because they provide a broad range of services to deaf individuals. The knowledge and skills developed by the social workers prepare the deaf for career opportunities in addition to empowering them to know their rights (Berke para4) Read More
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(Job Opportunities in the Deaf Community Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 456 Words)
Job Opportunities in the Deaf Community Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 456 Words.
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