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Conflict Management - Case Study Example

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He is the owner and the head of the maintenance department at Medina Cardiac Center. He is a logical young man. Aziz is diplomatic and fearful of conflict. Ahmad is a brother Aziz. He is 26 years old and he helps me in managing the premise. He is a…
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Conflict Management
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Extract of sample "Conflict Management"

A) Aziz is 33 years old. He is the owner and the head of the maintenance department at Medina Cardiac Center. He is a logical young man. Aziz is diplomatic and fearful of conflict. Ahmad is a brother Aziz. He is 26 years old and he helps me in managing the premise. He is a technician at ARAMCO Company he is inflexible and an outspoken individual. Ahmad is clever. Faisal is the contractor he constructs buildings, and he works with Future Contracting Company he is opportunistic and laid back he is also accurate. Sami is a 27 year old male he is a civil engineer and works with Future Contracting com. He is a very loyal young man.
The type of business that they are involved is construction. Aziz makes an agreement with Faisal who is the contractor to build family house in Medina in the western region in Saudi Arabia. The house is the family’s future resident. The two parties agree to complete the building within 10 months at a cost of 190,000 AUD.
AZIZ: My wife has been given a scholarship to study in Australia and I have to travel with her. Therefore, I would like you to supervise the project. Do you accept my offer?
AHMED: Yes (smiles, he looks excited with the idea)
AZIZ: I will introduce you to the contractor. I expect to get good results from you.
AZIZ: This is my brother and I would like you to work together. I will release money after each phase has been completed.
SAMI: Okay, all the best in your endeavors.
AHMAD: Hope I will enjoy the experience.
SAMI: We need to make some changes on the structure of the building. This will improve its layout, and it will not have an impact on the buildings main structure.
AHMAD: I am pleased with the changes.
SAMI: We have made some changes in the structure
FAISAL: I will not allow any changes to the structure since that is not in the plan that was approved by the client. (He’s opportunistic enough to do so without compunction).
SAMI: I will not be able to finish the works on changes. I would like you to approve payment of the previous works.
AHMAD: I am not going to approve any payment unless the changes have been completed (He is not particularly interested in others’ concerns)
FAISAL: I am very upset with the way Ahmad is conducting his activities
AZIZ: What’s the matter?
FAISAL: Ahmad wants changes to be made on the original plan yet they are not in the plan furthermore I don’t think you are aware of these changes.
AZIZ: Why is he making changes?
FAISAL: I don’t know. Furthermore he has declined to approve payments unless we complete the changes. But we will not continue unless we get payment for the last phase. And, I am going to raise the issue in court.
AZIZ: Please do not rush I am coming soon we resolve the issue. (She is usually fearful of conflict). Read More
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Conflict Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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