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Application of conflict management - Essay Example

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While a large array of conflict management strategies have been developed there are a number of traits thematic throughout these approaches. One of the most…
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Application of conflict management
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Extract of sample "Application of conflict management"

Application of Conflict Management Conflict management refers to the way that specific strategies are implemented to limit conflict in a given situation. While a large array of conflict management strategies have been developed there are a number of traits thematic throughout these approaches. One of the most prominent considerations in terms of conflict management is substantive vs. affective conflicts (Weingart 2003, p. 741). In applying these concepts to the specific conflict management situation the conflict manager distinguishes between conflicts that are rooted in task disagreements (substantive) against those which are rooted in personal disagreements (affective). In the instance of two individuals disagreeing on the proper way to carry out a project, the main recognition is that the conflict manager identifies the disagreement as substantive. They would then aid the conflicting parties in developing a democratic and functional solution to the task problem. Another notable conflict management technique is the implementation of a model. Kuhn and Poole (2000, p. 558) indicate that an effective model is the integrative model. The integrative model views conflict resolution as not necessarily involving winners and losers, but rather the distribution of concessions in an integrative way. Following the above example where team members are disagreeing about the proper way forward for a team project an integrative solution would be most effective. In this way certain group members would be allowed to decide specific aspects of the group’s progress, while other group members would have different responsibilities. This way there would be no winner or loser, but rather an integrative solution to the problem.

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satisfaction: A meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 4, 741-749. Read More
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Application of Conflict Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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