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Utopian Thinking & Practical Leadership Alternatives - Essay Example

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He explains this through a book by the name “Real Utopias project”. Through this book, he gives various suggestions on ways in which different arenas of social…
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Utopian Thinking & Practical Leadership Alternatives
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Extract of sample "Utopian Thinking & Practical Leadership Alternatives"

Download file to see previous pages According to the book, the new ideas can be effective in the management of resources. For instance, he uses “the participatory city budgeting process in Porto Alegre, Brazil” to show how collective handling of public resources can be both political and economic benefit (Wright, 2010). He uses the success of this case to show how public inclusion in decision-making processes can be used as a tool to bring bureaucracy to an end, thus promotes democracy. The argument in this case is that the involvement of the public in public political and economic issues makes it hard for there to be manipulation of public resources by a few members of the public to serve their own interests.
He also argues that when social institutions are communal, the members of the community tend to complement each other instead of competing against each other. This is clearly depicted by the Mondragon Corporation. The cooperation is community based and has its policies based on communism. As much as there has been the dominance of capitalism, this cooperation remains to be one of the largest business organizations in Spain in terms of asset turnover (Abrams, 2008). Most of the resources sure community owned, making it hard for there being influential individuals taking advantage of the less fortunate. The main ideas are that this form of business existence discourages bureaucracy and encourages collective accountability (Semler, 1993).
According to Wright, the main reason as to why the current organizational paradigm needs redesigning is the way it has been unsuccessful in meeting its expectations. When capitalism was first introduced in Europe, many people thought that it will lead to an improvement in democracy. It was also expected to trigger faster economic growth. However, a closer look at capitalism, and how it works in the modern world will prove that it only works for those with affluence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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