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Utopian Socialism - Research Paper Example

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Utopian socialism is the belief that social ownership of something, which is useful to a group of people, can be achieved by voluntary and peaceful surrender of the rights of the ownership of the resource by the groups owning them…
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Utopian Socialism
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"Utopian Socialism"

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Utopian socialism emphasizes that, three things that would happen if all people would adhere to socialist ethics exist. It looks forward for the oppressed to have a better future and improve their life standards; it emphasizes how socialism is very ethical and gives a clear and full meaning to the aims of socialism. Utopia describes collective ownership of property to eliminate greed, promote personal growth, democracy, and cultural enrichment. This paper provides a discussion on utopian socialism. The utopian socialists differ from the other socialists because of the way they carry out their issues. Utopian socialism is more dogmatic and moral. They provoked both ridicule and inspiration in the people. Saint Simon, one of the founders of the utopian socialism viewed suffering as resulting from individualism, which was as a result of breaking of order and hierarchy. He did not see the importance of individuals whose main objective was to pursue personal interests. He did not also believe in free markets, as they were points of oppressing poor people in the society. In the modern times, socialism is seen as a failure. A group of socialists argues that socialism should have extent to which it stops. They argue that such things as major decisions for the whole society cannot be done by anyone. Major societal decisions are seen as important; hence need to be done by people with leadership skills.Utopia is now being used to refer to unrealistic ideas suggested by people. Contrarily, a group of socialists argues that, the capitalists control political issues and leave no other means of getting equality, but only through violent revolutions (Lipow, 1982). However, utopian socialism has its disadvantages. It does not give guidelines on how to achieve its objectives. It only highlights its vision, and no action is taken towards the goals. The opposite of utopia is dystopia. Dystopian vision is to give warning about dangers in the society. It is viewed as a good ideological weapon. In modern times, there is increasing distrust of progress, and this makes utopia unconvincing to most people in the modern society (Guarneri, 1991). Utopian socialism had a number of impacts to communities in the 19th century it was one of the main impacts in the wave of the feminist movement. This resulted from the issue about equality in the society (Taylor, 1982). Feminist movements sprung up fighting for economic equality and power equality between men and women. Many organizations also came up to fight against gender based violence and discrimination. Laws regarding percentages of women in leadership positions started to be formed. Women were now to be represented at least by a third in most of the parliaments and organizations (Lipow, 1982). In the industrial revolution, utopian socialism improved women’s thinking in terms of work and leadership. Women began to go to work and make their own money. By mid-19th century, many women were working in factories and even some were leaders who were overseeing their male workers (Lipow, 1982). At the same time, utopian socialism encouraged the existence of trade unions for workers. Workers had their rights and cold lounge complains if at all there were any. Cooperative stores and societies also came up in large numbers to deal to help individuals set up firms and businesses. This was due to the belief that all people were entitled to equal rights; the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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