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Reading: Cracking The Code of Change - Article Example

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Both online and physical companies recognize the important of changing constantly to fit in new and emerging operating environments and maximize their potential (Todd and Maury, 2010). Organizational change is very important to many…
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Reading: Cracking The Code of Change
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Extract of sample "Reading: Cracking The Code of Change"

Reading: Cracking The of Change Reading: Cracking The of Change Change is part and parcel of company growth. Both online and physical companies recognize the important of changing constantly to fit in new and emerging operating environments and maximize their potential (Todd and Maury, 2010). Organizational change is very important to many businesses to the extent that most companies agree that the best way to move forward is to change or die. In a bid to effect strategies to deal with change most organizational leaders tend to put a lot of focus on the various initiatives to deal with change while forgetting about the ideal reasons for changing. This has led to failure in most organizations when dealing with change. In fact, about 70% of all change initiatives in organizations are bound to fail if not approached with a lot of sobriety (Todd and Maury, 2010). Each company is unique and should approach the subject of change in its own way. There are two main theories of organizational change. The first one, Theory E, is based on the economic value of an organization while the latter, Theory O, is based on the organizational capability (Todd and Maury, 2010).
I concur with the article. The authors have gone a long way in illustrating why organizational change should be approached carefully. Most companies resulting in failures in implementation of various strategies often handle organizational change carelessly. Most firms do not realize the importance to use unique strategies allied to their own operations as oppose to relying to other methodologies and strategies that have worked for other organizations. Every organization is different and needs to approach change with a lot of sobriety in order to ensure the strategies implemented are effective in initiating meaningful change.
Todd D. J and Maury A. P. (2010). Managing Change: Case and Concepts, 3rd edition. New
York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin Read More
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