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Read Articles and point out important points - Essay Example

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True leaders for change know how to balance quality content (what needs to be done) and quality process (how it will be done) while reinforcing one another towards gaining understanding and commitment of its members towards the new direction. However, the contents of change must…
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Read Articles and point out important points
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Extract of sample "Read Articles and point out important points"

Number 02 April Management The following discussions summarize the important points of the four articles related to management and corporate changes.
1. “Coaching Leaders: An Outline for Effectively Leading Change”
True leaders for change know how to balance quality content (what needs to be done) and quality process (how it will be done) while reinforcing one another towards gaining understanding and commitment of its members towards the new direction. However, the contents of change must start with a shared and agreed quality vision that includes a picture of the destination and reasons of your organization.
In order to satisfy that vision of change, a strategy must be devised as part of your process. The strengths and capacity of your members to produce value added customer wants and leverage must be identified and developed to help define the magnitude of incremental, not discontinuous change. In addition, values and protocols that exist in the current culture that are viewed as essential for the required change must be reinforced and utilized. It is equally important to promote a participative environment by minimizing resistances to change. Let the members have time to internalize the change and provide coping mechanisms during the transitional stress while dealing accordingly with burden members of the organization. Finally, the momentum of change must be maintained by constantly and publicly recognizing the new behaviors and achievements, especially on the individual level.
2. “Cracking the Code of Change’
Change can be based on economic value and organizational capability. The economic value is usually measured by shareholder value while organizational capability rests on the development of corporate culture and is measured by employee’s commitment and learning behavior. The hard approach (economic value) normally involves heavy use of economic incentives, drastic layoffs, downsizing, and restructuring. In contrast, soft approach (organizational capability) involves feedback systems, reflective management and participative environment.
The six dimensions of corporate change are goals, leadership, focus, process, reward system, and use of consultants. The challenge for leaders is how economic value and organizational capability theories must be combined and applied in the dimensions of corporate change. In this synergy of theories, change can happen by increasing productivity while enriching your corporate culture with intelligent and practical use of resources and external entities. This can be implemented through flexible and collaborative effort, to some extent, of executives with much knowledge and dedication to direct and immerse to the level of their subordinates.
3. “Fair Process: Managing in the Knowledge Economy”
In a knowledge-based economy, in which value creation depends increasingly on ideas and innovations, fair process is a must. The main principle of innovation and exchange of knowledge only materializes when people cooperate voluntarily, which requires trust. It is on fair process that trust is created, which directly influences attitudes and behaviors of members of an organization leading them to become more innovative and vocal in their ideas. There are three main reinforcing principles involved: engagement, explanation and expectation clarity.
Fair process must not be confused with fair outcomes. There are two main mental barriers involved: knowledge is power and people are only concerned of the best for themselves.
4. “Your Company’s Secret Change Agents”
In a company that has employees with different potentials, working in different departments, using the same resources and interacting with each other on a daily basis, conflict is never far behind. But among those employees, when looked closely, there are those that stand out amidst the chaos. These are the people that the company needs to tap to become examples to others. In the article, they are called “positive deviants” since they are able to stand out from the norm by dealing with problems that no one else wants to take. These are the people that want to make a change even in their own little ways. It is important for leaders of the company or community that these people should be identified and to encourage them to motivate others to do the same thing. It is important for the leaders to understand that when they want change to happen, they should listen and plan with their people.
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