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This report is to ascertain the exterior condition of the IKON Gallery that has been recently completed after it was adapted and the use of the structure that existed in that place was changed too. This survey report gives the information that was got during the survey of the…
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Building survey report
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Download file to see previous pages This building survey and report has been prepared on behalf of the IKON Gallery paying every attention to the requirements and includes terms of engagement. It is a general report that has been done covering the external conditions of the IKON Gallery. The objective of this report is to provide a general survey of the condition of the IKON Gallery specifically on its exterior components and this will enable the client to make preparations on how they will maintain these exterior components in future.
During the preparation of this report, there was no removal of structures so that there could be a detailed examination of the structure, there were no specialists that were employed but necessary recommendations were provided, and all the services that will be offered by the gallery were examined to satisfaction. Survey was based on what could be observed from ground level, ladders and from roofs where accessible. This restricted the survey to external features of the IKON Gallery.
Located in the heart of Birmingham’s Brindley site development, Ikon Gallery is currently an internationally celebrated modern art venue offering a full range of services and facilities to both the nearby community and broader world. The building was constructed in 1877, and its designers were Martin and Chamberlain, who were Birmingham’s premier Victorian architects. The building was previously a school then converted into the new home for the IKON Gallery, which was put as an essential part of the Brindley Place Master plan, and was later opened to be used by the public in 1998.
Through this building report, the client will be able to know the recommendations that have been made concerning the external conditions of the IKON Gallery and the cost of the repairs that will have to be expected to be used. The client will be aware of the financial condition that they will need to maintain the building.
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