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What are the basic task dimensions of work systems such as jobs - Essay Example

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Knowledge characteristics – a number of activities define the parameters of a job and the abilities, skills, knowledge set possessed by a job holder demarcates the knowledge requirements of doing that particular job.
Social characteristics – there are many jobs that require…
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What are the basic task dimensions of work systems such as jobs
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Extract of sample "What are the basic task dimensions of work systems such as jobs"

What are the Basic Task Dimensions of Work Systems Such as Jobs? Job design is significant to the establishment of innovative work processes in an organization that nurtures the innovative employees leading to organization success.
Central concern of innovation to many of the organizations.
Innovative employees have huge repositories of tacit knowledge.
Adequate application of this knowledge in the workplace results in higher ROI.
HR employees identify innovative potential among employees and create a work competitive environment for them.
Job characteristic have turned out to contribute majorly to employee innovativeness
High Performance Work Systems have caused an up boost to the organizational effectiveness.
Enforcement of HPWS enables the employees to recognize their self starter abilities, handle task complexities, applying knowledge and wisdom to solving problems.
These learning-type organizations stimulate the innovative and flexile end of their employees (Spiegelaere, 2012).
Four Major Dimensions of Job Design:
Job design is corresponding to understanding job dimensions or job components.
Many researchers have been identifying and focussing on job dimensions.
Frederick P. Morgeson and his co partner Stephen E. Humphrey have worked out and integrated knowledge in their own study to identifying four major job dimensions
Task characteristics – explains the nature of work required of doing a specific type of job and how the tasks are accomplished within the framework of that particular job requirements.
Knowledge characteristics – a number of activities define the parameters of a job and the abilities, skills, knowledge set possessed by a job holder demarcates the knowledge requirements of doing that particular job.
Social characteristics – there are many jobs that require social or communal inference with employees and the degree of social interaction required of any job defines the social characteristic end of that particular job type.
Contextual characteristics – the setting, work conditions or the actual environment makeup in which the job has to be carried out by the employer is actually the contextual characteristic of that job.
The above dimensions are a various approaches that are significant to designing jobs (Dubrin, 2012; Morgeson and Humprey, 2008).
Four Dimensions of Relational Work:
These dimensions are a collaborative work of Timothy Butler, Director of Career Development Programs at Harvard Business School, and James Waldroop of Peregrine Partners. According to them these dimensions are:
Influence (negotiating and persuading)
Interpersonal Facilitation (conflict understanding and resolving)
Work Relational Creativity
Teamwork Leadership (Butler and Waldroop, 2004).
According to another research following concrete assessments are extracted:
Three buffers operate in any organization constituting time, inventory and capacity
A new fourth buffer of variability is the outcome of discretion of task
DTC – discretionary task completion work systems encompasses operational systems, work flow design systems, inventory management system and production scheduling
The research is based on the fact that where there is discretionary task completion, there is less participatory work of designing job elements as the task is determined by his / her subjective standards (Yuen, Hopp, & Iravani).
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