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Outline the key features of a sports development strategy, and discuss the relevance that this has to contemporary sports management - Essay Example

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Dictionary defines it as the bustle of individual or group for the trail of exercise or recreation which could involve bodily capabilities and it could also take the form of a competition game which could be either hockey badminton (Pederson et al, 2011).
Sports can also be…
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Outline the key features of a sports development strategy, and discuss the relevance that this has to contemporary sports management
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Extract of sample "Outline the key features of a sports development strategy, and discuss the relevance that this has to contemporary sports management"

Download file to see previous pages It is also a roadmap to good health. It resists diseases and helps to improve the quality of life. The economy of most of the countries depends upon the sports (Girginov, 2008).
In the past decade there has been an enormous evolution in the sports. The health and fitness sector has expanded itself to meet the demand of athletes and sportsmen. Employment in this sector has been increased due to the increased professionalism of the National Governing Bodies and huge investments by different organizations. As this industry has groomed itself, the need of qualified and educated mangers has increased. Because they could better understand the sports market and cater its needs and could apply their professional knowledge in an organized way. Thousands of schools and colleges have been established to cater the needs of the sports sector (Trenberth & Hassan, 2011).
The management has been turned into sophistication and it is constantly evolving. Due to the global nature of the sports it has to deal with all kind of socio-economic barriers. Certain issues like gender relation, social responsibility and violence are to be really addressed. These are some of the challenges which the sports managers of today are facing (Hassan & Lusted, 2013).
Sports management are the set of skills relating planning organizing, Leading, controlling and budgeting for an organization whose main responsibility is to cater the services in the sports. The sports industry has been segmented into three main categories. First one is the Sports Performance. It includes the activation and participation of the people related to the sports industry and its stakeholders. Second segment is Sports Production which is related to its products and influence on the products. The third division of the sports industry is the Sports Promotion which is the core of Sports Event Management. Different promo tools are used to promote the sports event and make it familiarize ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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