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Skills of Leadership, Management and Conflict Resolution - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay states that Conflict resolution, leadership, and management are very critical to any organization as they are inevitable. Organizational leaders have to find a way of minimizing conflicts and providing managerial roles, which minimizes conflicts. …
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Skills of Leadership, Management and Conflict Resolution
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Extract of sample "Skills of Leadership, Management and Conflict Resolution"

Besides collaborating, I have realized to manage and solve conflict through withdrawal and compromising. Both parties need to get satisfaction by deliberating on the issue at hand causing the conflict. Similarly, one has to withdraw from the conflict in order to end the disagreement. These are new skills acquired because of the course as the contents provided me with the required knowledge of managing conflict as a leader.
Conflict resolutions tips at workplace documented by Huff (2008) in his interview are very important in giving a clue of the expected. As a student, I found it educating and would share it in the class for other students to grasp on the process involved in managing and resolving conflict. Despite the challenges, which come because of conflict, it is essential in developing moves forward as it helps in realizing the weaknesses leaders have in their organizations. Read More
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