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Building Performance Management through Employee Participation - Essay Example

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This kind of system is established in companies or work places to help in ensuring quality service delivery from all sectors or…
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Building Performance Management through Employee Participation
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Extract of sample "Building Performance Management through Employee Participation"

Building Performance Management through Employee Participation Discuss how this case illustrates how greater support for a performance management system can be developed through employee participation
The case of JIM company seems to explain the reason as to why employee participation can help in developing a performance management system. This kind of system is established in companies or work places to help in ensuring quality service delivery from all sectors or departments of the company (Rao, 16). The kind of rules or policies accompanying this kins of the system determines employee attitude towards his or her job. Though accompany must establish a performance management system that govern employee performance, the rules must not be strict to the employees as this serve as the root cause of poor job performance.
Workers should be granted the chance to give their views and amendments be made as fast as possible to avoid poor job performance. According to JM experience, employees play a major role in company management. This is because they are the ones to be governed and must choose the management system suitable for them and the company (Grote, 23). There are certain parts of the performance management system that cannot be changed by employees no matter the claims. These unchangeable sections of the system also govern the employer and company activities. According to JM company, employees are part of the company management system and should be involved in any decision-making.
2) Identify some of the ways that performance management systems can be improved based on the experiences at JM
In any organization, the management committee or board members must always consider the employee view or feedback before establishing performance management system. This should be done to protect employee rights and freedom. Actually, an employee should always have a conducive environment to attend to his or her job positively. The kind of performance management systems to be established should be employee friendly. Another way of making improvements in this type of system is employee motivation. This should be present in the system to enhance quality in employee performance. In most cases, the motivation is done through rewards . In the process of employee assessment, the hardworking should get a reward as tokens of their hard work while those who are found average should be advised accordingly (Rao, 16).
Through rewards, employees will be dedicated to their work with the aim of being a reward winner. Companies that come up with a new performance management may face a lot of challenges linked to employee job performance. When they are forced into the rules and regulations of the new management system, they may find it very difficult to adapt hence have negative attitudes towards their jobs. This can in turn lead to employee performance flop if not taken into consideration (Grote, 23). Employees should also be educated or coached on their areas of weakness to enhance quality of work at in accompany or job place. When this is done, then good employee-employer relationship will have been enhanced as employees will not be having pressure from the performance management system established. This can be seen on how JIM company solved its problems in relation to the performance management system hence creating a pressure free environment for employees.
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