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Soft and Hard Forms of Human Resource Management - Term Paper Example

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The paper "Soft and Hard Forms of Human Resource Management " highlights that critical analysis of hard and soft human resource management has revealed that hard organization indicates strong control of power and authority whereas soft HRM establishes relatively participative aspect…
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Soft and Hard Forms of Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages All aspects of human resource tend to yield divergent approach. The paper will reveal such divergence in a detailed manner.
Human resource is considered to be one of the most important assets for an organization and hence human resource management is a crucial aspect for all organizations operating in the competitive business framework. The function of human resource management is designed in such a way that it leads to maximizing the performance of employees and concentrates on minimizing the issues arises out of organizational context regarding decision making, performance appraisal and reward system, communications, wage rate and many more. In 1989, John Storey had identified two distinct forms of human resource management such that Hard and Soft HRM. Hard HRM may be defined as an employee management system that considers workers as a resource that requires be controlling and closely supervising in order to maximise employee performance, ascertain profitability and achieve competitive advantage. In contrast, Storey defined soft human resource management as a system that considers human resource as an important factor for achieving organizational effectiveness and hence strives for skill enrichment of existing employees (Storey, 2007). In this paper, the dissimilation between hard and soft HRM will be critically analysed on the basis of employer attitude towards the workers, value of the employees in the organization, level of communication, extent of delegation of authorities and decision making power, transparency in payment and performance appraisal system and above all, organizational structure and leadership style.
Though there is no single connotation regarding the appropriateness of hard or soft HRM in an organizational framework, comparative analysis can be drawn for each attribute of human resource management in order to ascertain the contribution of these systems towards organizational efficiency and profitability. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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