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Cal week 6 - Essay Example

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A synthesis of the literature information on stakeholders indicated that business leaders are facing the challenge of balancing the best interests of stakeholders as…
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Cal week 6
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Extract of sample "Cal week 6"

Topic: CAL Week 6 During week 6, I have managed to cover a module on organizational responsibility with a focus on stakeholders. A synthesis of the literature information on stakeholders indicated that business leaders are facing the challenge of balancing the best interests of stakeholders as well as the organization. The module covered the concept of stakeholder management and how managers can ensure that there is fair and equity in managing the interests of all the stakeholders. The literature synthesis of week six’s module involved an examination of the different ideas regarding the concept of stakeholder management. This activity was carried out throughout the week and there was also a discussion of the strengths and limitations of the use of the stakeholder management approach within organizations during the process of strategic management and decision making (Marquardt and Marquardt, 2011, p. 99). There was an assignment on posting a literature review to the discussion relating to the stakeholder management approach. The assignment involved the critical identification of key arguments, new insights of the articles, and the application of the literature review to a personal experience (Pedler, 2011, p. 16).
I have learned a number of things from both the readings and the class members. First, I have learned that managers have a complex task of making sure that their actions satisfy all the interest groups of an organization. This has expanded my understanding as to why managers need to avoid being biased in order to avoid conflicts of interests (ONeil and Marsick, 2007, p. 88). Second, I have also learnt that managers are required in an ethical manner in order to achieve fairness in addressing the issue of fairness among different stakeholders. This is because they have the duty of preserving and serving the interests of all the stakeholders of the organization. Third, I have come to appreciate the importance of team work in discussing week modules. I had a number of discussions with class members and this improved my understanding of the module. I have also learned that people have different interpretations of a common literature material. This is because class members would post different ideas on the discussion board. This offered the best opportunity for learning (Kember, 2000, p. 34).
The concepts from the classroom have been very helpful during the learning module. I have applied the concepts from classroom lessons to solving real life problems. For instance, the concept of stakeholder management approach can be used in solving conflicts of interests among members of a team. That’s exactly how I applied the classroom concepts to real life (Rigg and Richards, 2006, p. 12). There were instances when members of my team would disagree over an issue but we would reach a solution that would best benefit every member of the group. I have also applied concepts from class in solving problems presented in case studies. I can confidently state that I am having a positive progress because there has been a lot of improvement in the assessments and this is a good sign that I have understood what has been taught in class. However, the recent changes in literature reviews have made it very difficult to understand various concepts presented in class. This is because some of authors have developed new and conflicting ideas.
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