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Critical Action Learning - Essay Example

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Critical Action Learning Name: Institution: Abstract Throughout the module, we have comprehensively discussed on ethics and morality in the business. The problem which I put forward earlier was based on corporate social responsibility (CSR). I discussed this in relation to a financial investment company which is locally owned and operated in Kuwait…
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Critical Action Learning
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper, I will discuss the process of critical action learning to achieve enhanced understanding and potential resolution of the work based problem with strong focus on ethical issues and morality. The paper shows how critical action learning has been applied to enhance CSR in my organization. Key words: action, critical, ethical and learning Introduction In week one, I discussed the problem that our organization was facing in the implementation and practicing of the social responsibility. There was apathy in the employee participation on the issues that concerned corporate social responsibility. As a middle management manager, I was tasked with ensuring that corporate social responsibility was enhanced in our organization and that we could increase employee retention through the practices of CSR (Cox, Geotte, & Young, 2005). The following paper provides how action learning was used in our organization to address the issues relating to organizational management in relation to the top management, middle management and employees. The corporate social responsibility was the major issue discussed in the paper. ...
al responsibility in a business organization is the process of social responsibility, policies, programs and observable outcomes in relation to the businesses social relationship. The CSR can lead to increased reputation for the business. The corporate social responsibility therefore implies to the social behavior of business towards it stakeholders (Heal, 2008). The stakeholders in this case refer to the community members. Companies that are socially responsible in making profits also contribute to some aspects of giving back to the community in the spheres of social development. According to Heal (2008), the corporate social responsibility is the concept in which companies integrate social and environmental concerns in the organizations’ operations and in their interactions with the community on voluntary basis. Our company needed to ensure the CSR was supported by all employees, as this could steer our company image forward, which translates to trust and more business. Action learning was incorporated to enhance the understanding and acceptance of the CSR in our organization (Ferrell & Ferrell, 2012). Action learning is an educational process in which people in an organization work together by tackling the problems affecting their organization and reflecting on their actions (Masquardit, 2004). In action learning, the learners acquire the understanding of the required ethics and practices through actions they engage in rather than being instructed. The results achieved in the daily actions serve as the motivations for increased participation. According to Masquardit (2004), action learning is a major factor in developing competence among individuals and teams in the problem solving and in the process of making decision in an organization. In my case of enhancing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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