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Why do we hear so much about flexibility in the organisation of work and what does it mean Do you think this is just a convenient post-industrial ideology for employers or does it offer much to employees as well Discuss - Research Paper Example

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Flexibility pertain to how an employer and an employee makes changes as how the work is to be perform to accomplish both personal and organizational needs according to Flexpaths…
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Extract of sample "Why do we hear so much about flexibility in the organisation of work and what does it mean Do you think this is just a convenient post-industrial ideology for employers or does it offer much to employees as well Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, research also indicates that failure to provide for workplace flexibility may be detrimental to an organization since it may result in increased cost associated with health care, turnover, quality and legal fees and overhead. This paper will examine the concept of workplace flexibility as applied in contemporary organizations. It will also examine whether the concept is just a convenient post-industrial ideologies and whether it offers much to employees, as well.
Flexibility is a workplace concept regarding how an employer and an employee makes changes to when, where and how work is supposed to be done so as to meet both personal and organizational needs (Flexpaths 2004, p.1). It is, therefore, a way of making the organizational and individual needs by making changes to the time schedule for work.
There are quite a number of flexible working modes that an organization can offer to its workers to help them meet their personal needs and those of the organization. One of the forms on ensuring flexibility in an organization is through part-time work arrangement (Boulin et al. 2006). Part-time work arrangement involves working for fewer hours than the normal working hours. For instance, if an organization has eight-hour standard working hours, then an organization may opt to allow some of its employees to work for say morning hours and are released from afternoon hours when others are to pick up. Others may involve giving employees a chance to work for three days a week or two weeks per month and so on (Boulin et al. 2006).
The other form of flexible working time is provision of leaves. Leave has been found to be greatly important to many employees irrespective profession. It involves allowing employees some time to rest from work. This may take the form of parental leave, study leave, family care leave, and cultural leaves among others. The leave may either be payable or non-payable depending on the various factors. However, a majority of employees ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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