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Leadership Scrapbook Style: Creative portfolio - Essay Example

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It is my habit to pen down my emotions daily from a very small age. This habit has helped me stay stress free during my formative years as I used to jot down all my publicly non-expressible feelings on the paper. I often laugh at…
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Leadership Scrapbook Style: Creative portfolio
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Extract of sample "Leadership Scrapbook Style: Creative portfolio"

Download file to see previous pages I like to explore what went wrong with our world leaders in the past few decades, making them a mere puppet in the hands of the industrial doyens.
Today is the first day of the programme. I remembered my favourite ‘Savage Chicken’ cartoon by Douglas Savage, when the briefing about what a good leader should do started. There is a general misconception that people in top management actually do not do anything. In fact, I myself thought so for a long time. Several people aspire to achieve the top position just because they don’t have to do anything after that. Leaders are widely seen as people who give instructions to others and seldom do anything themselves.
In reality, the leader is the one who takes the blame of all his subordinates’ mistakes. In fact, “everything is your fault” is the first rule of leadership. I remember the first time I was made the leader of my class. I had to take the blame for several mishaps in the class. But, in time I learned to manage and became the person who gives instructions to all other classmates. A leader might seem like a person who doesn’t do anything. But, getting others to do something is much harder than doing it yourself. A person needs to win the heart of the followers to do this.
I have spent considerable time and money taking sides, understanding the class politics and luring my classmates with refreshments. In course of time, I won their trust. They started obeying me once they started to believe my leadership is beneficial to them. Though this might seem like a high school stint, this situation is prevalent in almost all corporate companies. Only the set up is different. Money is involved instead of marks.
Taking about “Organisational responsibilities” I wonder why all the ethics are stressed into the leaders head alone. What can a leader possibly do with a completely corrupt or incapable team? Here is one famous joke
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